island for sale
rose island in the summer
ever dream of owning a lighthouse. . .

then read on and see how we can make your dream come true!
the rose island lighthouse foundation is offering 100% un-buildable square-foot-lots for sale in newport, rose island.

proceeds from lot sales will be used towards continued support of our mission of education, conservation and restoration of the lighthouse, fort hamilton, and rose island. our “island for sale” is a whimsical program designed to raise funds for a profoundly significant historic restoration effort. using an inventive and playful premise of "selling" square foot parcels of the island, this program seeks to showcase interesting and significant features of rose island and its surroundings, and thus increase public awareness and interest in the foundation's work.

create a legacy
what you get

in lieu of any property rights and responsibilities, you will receive really impressive bragging rights along with the following:

  • a tax deduction for the full amount of your purchase
  • a certificate suitable for framing
  • landowner's name cast in a bronze plaque on preservation wall (optional)
  • bumper sticker stating, "i own waterfront property in newport, rose island"
  • pack of postcards to send to friends and family
  • a really good feeling deep down inside
island for sale premiums
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